Are you ready for optimal torque and performance from your vehicle?
With Sprintex Superchargers you’ll experience a robust increase in power, improved torque from idle and absolutely NO LAG. The thermal and volumetric efficiency range of the twin screw Sprintex Supercharger results in lower discharge temperature and pressure at all power levels - reducing engine stresses and providing the best torque available.




Jump Start Auto Inc.
Sprintex USA shared Jump Start Auto Inc.'s video.
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Sprintex supercharger now available for your 300 V6 pentastar & challenger & charger

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Sprintex USACheck out North America's first V6 Supercharged 300, gotta love the whine13 hours ago
Thomas Greg CorriveauI assume it would fit the Durango to? Same motor !11 hours ago

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Sprintex Supercharged Challenger Smoking up the neighborhood.
#challenger #supercharged #burnout #performance and #torque
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Sprintex USAYes it was just before we put on the 3152 hours ago
Sprintex USAburly.14 hours ago
Patrick SnowWas that before the 315's went on??14 hours ago   ·  1

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Jump Start Auto Inc.
Sprintex Superchargers and Jump Start Auto Inc. out in full force at GTA LX
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Sprintex Superchargers

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Neil ColemanLook a lot better under the hood of my jk 3.6. :) Nice work .2 days ago

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We continue to test the 335 Sprintex setup on our car. This series features E70, Skunk2 Header, and otherwise OEM factory exhaust. 335 WHP/290 TQ. The ultima...

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Neil ColemanI just need one for my 3.6 jk :)2 days ago

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